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Accelerate your first 100 Days

Reclaim your time and build lasting connection with your team

Accelerate is a virtual cohorted progam that helps you quickly transition into a new leadership position

Team Dynamic Workshops

Experiential learning activities enhance team communication, problem-solving, and decision-making skills, leading to increased engagement, productivity, and job satisfaction

LEGO® Serious Play® Workshops

Unlock creativity, enhance communication, and foster innovation in your team with our LEGO® Serious Play® workshops. Build, play, and learn together

Get Unstuck

Group coaching helps to reinforce and sustain the learning from workshops, providing ongoing support and accountability for individuals and teams to achieve their goals.

Helping You Reach Your Goals via Experiential Learning 
Want to Gain Deeper Insights and Accelerate Your Development and Team Dynamics?

We can all use someone we trust to ask us questions that make us think critically and push us into our growth zone.

What Makes us Different?

Experiential Learning Methods

Learning by doing is FUN and allows for greater knowledge retention 

Trust and Connection

We create a psychologically safe environment for candid conversations

Results through Personal Growth

We bring out results achieved through behavior based action plans

Champion for your Success

We are proud to serve and provide solutions to help you reach your full potential. We help bring out the best in you to achieve your goals. 

Is Pairing Workshops with follow-up Coaching Right For Me? – YES!

Coaching is effective for leaders and teams in every stage of their development. Pairing workshops with follow-up coaching increases the likelihood of sustained transformational change. We don’t believe in one and done approaches. True change and positive development take time. We want to help you take what you learned in the classroom and put it into practice.

Gaining self-awareness

How leaders lead and how teams interact is a critical input to improve performance. Using a Coack to follow-up will help improve self-awareness through conversations and follow-on learning activities.

Importance of Relationships

Time and again research shows that relationships with management is a top factor in employees’ job satisfaction and organizational performance. Having a Leadership Coach can help you pinpoint opportunities to improve interactions with your team after learning how to structure these critical conversations.

Lower Your Stress

Stress is high, work-life and home-life are blending, and leaders are working hard putting employees first. Working with a Leadership Coach gives you a personal champion to help you navigate an ever changing complex environment long after you leave the classroom. 

My Approach

We merge the latest academic research with proven applicable practices. We help bring out your best by listening, learning, and guiding you towards your desired goal. We want to help you empower your teams and elevate performance. We believe that investing in your employees is the key to driving growth and success for your business.

We deeply care about the impact that leaders have on the lives of their team members.  At Shared Leadership, LLC, we pride ourselves on delivering engaging and interactive workshops that leave a lasting impact. Our workshops are designed to be hands-on, experiential, and fun, so that participants not only learn new skills but also enjoy the process. We bring out the best in our participants, regardless of what position or title they hold, because the impact a leader has via relationships with team members resonates beyond work.

If you’re looking to invest in your team and take your business to the next level, look no further. Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule a consultation.

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

We will connect, take time to understand your current goals, and ensure we are a good fit. Being aligned and establishing trust is a critical component to working together.


Choose or Create a Program

We offer programs based on your goals and objectives. We help leaders transition into their role. We help teams improve mutual support and communication. We help leaders build teams that embrace shared leadership.

Reach Your Goals

Discovery, insights, and action plans are done during workshops. Accountability and sustained progress is done with our follow-up coaching sessions. The work…that happens between our touchpoints. You will be set up for success!

What to expect from our Programs?

Team Development Workshops

Want to continue to develop strong bonds between team members? Want to ensure your teams have a shared collective purpose? Want to experience learning through activities that get people thinking with their hands & mind while learning by doing? Our workhops are designed with evidenced-based research to improve team dynamics and have a little fun while doing it. We address the behavior & mindsets that lead to higher levels of performance.

ACCELERATE your first 100 Days

Feeling the stress of your new role as a team leader? You are not alone. Being a team leader requires a new set of knowledge, skills, and abilities. You can’t approach time management in the same way. You can’t approach connecting to people in the same way. You now have new demands on your time. You have new dynamics in relationships with your colleagues. Taking control of your time and having meaningful conversations with your team by using proven practices and frameworks will accelerate your transition. Join us for a 10-person virtual cohorted program to help you ACCELERATE through the race… reclaim your time, accelerate your onboarding, communicate clearly, and empower your team!

3 Month Coaching Package

Stressed about taking on a new team? How you spend your first 100 days in a new leadership position has lasting impacts. We will work together to tap into your self-awareness, make meaningful connection with your team, get clear expectations from your boss, and build your business battle rhythm.

More Details

The three-month coaching package includes three, one hour, one on one coaching sessions, between session engagement activities to reinforce learning and support you in achieving your goals, email access to me between sessions and one 30-minute wrap up session to celebrate your accomplishments and identify your next set of objectives.

 6 Month Coaching Package

Hit a roadblock or feeling stuck? Preparing to breakthrough to lead at the next level? Ready to elevate your team’s performance? We will work together to identify what is challenging you where you currently are and move you down the path to where you want to be. 

More Details

The six-month coaching package includes six, one hour, one on one coaching sessions, between session engagement activities to reinforce learning and support you in achieving your goals, email access to me between sessions, and one 30-minute wrap up session to celebrate your accomplishments and identify your next set of objectives.

Leverage your Power- Webinar

Working for a toxic boss is beyond stressful. The type of boss who tends to explode at you when they are having a bad day or for even the smallest mishap. The leader who publicly belittles you and your work for a small mistake. The leader who claims credit for your success just to shine in front of their own boss. These destructive leadership behaviors leave you feeling stuck, frustrated, and heading towards burnout. You know this isn’t how you should lead your team, but you may not know what else to do. This is a complex stressful problem. The solutions are within you! The good news is you don’t have to tackle this problem alone.

Interested in learning how to shift your mindset and gain resources to navigate working for a toxic boss?  

Join us for a webinar on leveraging your power at work to combat the impact of a toxic leader.  

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